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We believe small businesses should have access to great photos & videos and be able to use great software to delight their customers.

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Smart Web Software

Video & Photo

Marketing Strategy

Website Design

Social Media Management

Brand Strategy

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Serving up top-notch content.

The right amount of tech, video and photos for your restaurant.

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Order Up!

Managing orders just got easier.

What's on the menu:
  • Fast and easy online ordering for your customers
  • Deep analytics showing you how your customers order
  • Accounts for your customers to track their orders
  • A smart web system communicating with your staff and customers
  • Easy set up for your website's dynamic content
  • Easy to set up A/B tests for your homepage content

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Show off your best side.

Consistent content creation.

What's on the menu:
  • Gorgeous, professional photos of your food, store, products and staff
  • Cinematic videos of your food, products and staff
  • Social Media Management like you've never seen
  • We'll help post, engage and grow your reach each month
  • Monthly reports to show your business growth, engagement and reach

Our Recent Work

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about Sliceai

deep dive

Over the last 15 years, the focus has been on smart web solutions and beautiful, engaging multimedia.

— Internal Dashboards —
Custom web solutions, built for you and your team, help organize and multiply your efforts and strategies.

— Ordering Systems —
An online ordering system can make or break your operation. You'll need a smart one integrates seamlessly with your team, your social media and your mission. Whether you need your website content updating automatically or a report generated to help make the right business decisions.

— Mission-Driven Video Content —
Video can be massively engaging for your audience and it's absolutely essential in 2020. We help you create a consistent stream of gorgeous video content.

— Event Planning & Social Media —
If your business includes recurring events (online or in-person) throughout the year, we have tools to organize, automate and streamline the comprehensive marketing strategy around your events.

how it works

Our plan to grow your business and innovate your marketing strategies.

1.) Schedule a meeting
2.) We'll assess your marketing and content strategy
3.) We'll build your digital plan
4.) We'll execute your plan, together.


Let's look at everything that might be standing in your way and explain how it can be integrated into your tailored plan.

Smart Web Software

Dashboard tools give you valuable insights to how your business is performing. They get better & smarter the more you use them and save you time and energy.

Social Media Management

We'll look at your business and ideal customers then determine which social channels are best for you. After that, will help you post great content, consistently so you don't have to worry about it.

Marketing Strategy

The best marketing strategy? "Care about your customers." The next best? Use social media and your website to show them you care. We'll help you set up paid advertising to spread your message.

Creative Content

Gorgeous, professional photo & video is something ever business deserves. We create promotional videos, product photography and interview-style videos. Everything from you, your product and your store are covered.

Brand Strategy

We look at your customer's experience with your business and help strengthen your brand image from their initial awareness to their final conversion as a happy customer.

Website Design

Beautiful, mobile-friendly web design is a must in 2020. We'll get your website up-to-date whether you need a simple landing page or a digital storefront.

AgencyAMG TV

We started a show on YouTube to focus on the stories and strategies of local businesses in our area! Contact us to be on the show!

AgencyAMG Toolkit — a growing suite of smart web apps

{ TaskMasterai }

Ask about this tool

Your to-dos. Done.


TaskMasterai in the AgencyAMG Toolkit is a smart web app that allows ultra-fast scheduling and organizing of your daily tasks and to-do items. Made for the remarkably busy entrepreneur or small business owner, this AgencyAMG Toolkit app also grants you access to our productivity and marketing strategy community.

{ TouchBaseai }

Ask about this tool

Reduce fall-off with smarter relationship management.


TouchBaseai is designed for staffing agencies and managers who work with hundreds of contractors each month . With remote-working setups the norm in 2020, it's more important than ever to have frequent calls, messages and emails to reduce contractor fall-off.

{ EventCoordinatorai }

Ask about this tool

Event Marketing. Planned.

Coming Winter 2020

EventCoordinatorai in the AgencyAMG Toolkit is a smart web app that allows comprehensive marketing with omni-channel content distribution. Made for non-profits or small businesses with seasonal virtual or in-person events. This AgencyAMG Toolkit app also grants you access to our productivity and marketing strategy community.

{ ProjectPlannerai }

Ask about this tool

Adaptive. Project Planning.

Coming Spring 2021

ProjectPlannerai in the AgencyAMG Toolkit is a smart web app that allows teams to manage their massive workflows on projects. Made for managers or directors with teams, this AgencyAMG Toolkit app also grants you access to our productivity and marketing strategy community.

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