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We recently had the opportunity to create a super-fun video with some delicious brews (a Sparkling Ale) from North High Brewing Company here in Columbus, Ohio. (See below) It really got us thinking about what’s important in life and where your focus should be.

So often we, as business owners, get distracted by “fires” that need put out and tons of miscellaneous tasks that should be delegated or outsourced. It can be hard to get back to what *we* are good at doing.

Delegating tasks, especially ones we aren’t good at doing, takes a huge leap of faith. It takes guts, trust and patience. Things like marketing, photography, videography, web design and advertising can be abstract concepts if you’re not familiar with the process. How good does it feel when you finally find someone you trust to whom you can outsource a specialized task? (e.g. business taxes)

Think about what pain points in your business are preventing you from enjoying your personal life. What are you overwhelmed with? What do you need help with?

Agency AMG is here to help with your video, photo, web and marketing efforts. So, crack open a cold one and let the professionals in our community help you enjoy life!

Keep Believing.


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