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Why Episodic Content Marketing is ready for you in 2020

The photos, videos and stories you post on social media and your website should be top-notch, funny or inspiring, helpful or beautiful.

In 2020 it’s all about value and branding when it comes to your marketing strategy. The photos, videos and stories you post on social media and your website should be top-notch, funny or inspiring, helpful or beautiful.

One of the best, most cost-effective ways to accomplish this is through Episodic Content Marketing. ECM simply means creating longer content that’s broken into bite-size pieces as it’s posted over time — think FRIENDS. The content can be story-based and be centered around a common theme with a plot that reveals more to the viewer with each episode. When you tease content that comes in later episodes, it can be an effective way of storytelling that draws the audience back for more.

A great example of this kind of marketing was presented in a series of television ads which ran as thirteen 30-second spots from 1990 until mid-1997. These old-school ads were pitching instant coffee, but they followed a relationship between two neighbors that began with a borrowed cup of coffee. As the 13 ads played out, we wondered whether or not the woman would choose romance with the neighbor or get (re)involved with her ex.

There are countless examples on YouTube of individuals who use episodic content marketing and create videos daily or weekly to build their brands up and tell their story. After growing their following, they had the flexibility to launch a product or service that their following would jump at the chance to use since the loyalty had been built up for months or even years.

Following this type of marketing strategy is a constant balancing act between quality, distribution, and frequency. By creating episode-style content, you can drive these three elements at one time while being more efficient with time and resources.

When AgencyAMG works with clients, we help them build what we call “main content” or “parent clips”. Shortly after getting started creating our main content, we have the ability to make “child clips” or secondary clips. These are short, promotional videos extracted from the main content which has already been cut, spliced and edited. It’s a highly cost-effective way to build an archive of high quality video content.

Brands are realizing that when they start developing their own episodes, they are setting themselves apart from the competition. Just think of where people go to take a quick break. Often it’s watching content on Netflix or YouTube. It’s entertaining and educational in some way.

When you work with us to take the time to build episodic content for your business, we’ll be thinking in terms of topics, stories, seasons, and themes. We’ll also be thinking how all the content we’re creating can be repurposed for your business to use in a different way down the road.

Episodic Content Marketing is a win-win for both you and your customers. You build out your content, attract potential customers, and provide them with quality content and information along the way.

I hope that gives you better insight into Episodic Content Marketing can benefit your business. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at!

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