Daily Business Breakdown

North High Brewing Co.

Welcome to today’s Daily Business Breakdown! Today we’re looking at North High Brewing Co. here in Columbus, Ohio.

Daily Business Breakdowns are a fast-hitting focus on 7 key attributes of a local business. The purpose is to give other business owners ideas, examples and guidance on their own digital presence. Let’s get into it!

  1. ) Initial Brand Impression
  2. ) Public View
  3. ) Website
  4. ) Photography
  5. ) Videography
  6. ) Social Media
  7. ) Marketing

Initial Brand Impression

North High Brewing has a varied selection of delicious brews, my favorite being “Five”, an easy-drinking dry-hopped pale ale with aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and herbs. : )

Since 2011, they’ve been consistently brewing over 30 different beers and offer a growing list of canned beer you can find all over Ohio.

Public View


Google and Yelp have nothing but great things to say! Nice job.



When we take a look at their website, you notice some awesome graphics and clear navigation at the top. They mention their story and have a great “contact us” page. (For Reference: We see a mobile-friendly version of the website, the ability to shop and check out details of their multiple locations. They also link their respective social media platforms — nice work.



Lots of creativity going on here! We’re noticing some of the photos on the website have a white background surrounding them and some have transparent backgrounds. Normally, we want to have a consistent image aesthetic on our website. Graphics on their Instagram are fun and engaging. There are few professional shots with a classic blurred-out-background, but the majority are “smartphone shots” that still look decent.



We’re seeing a couple of videos here and there on their social media, but none of the website and nothing professional/polished on their social media. Video is extremely engaging these days, especially when uploaded to social media natively, it plays automatically in the viewer’s feed.

You also have the option to have fun and quick-hitting video playing as a “background” on different pages of your website as a way for your website to “come alive” and provide a better, more fun, more memorable experience for your customers.

Social Media


We really like what we’re seeing here. What we like most is that the media they post on Twitter is not the same as Instagram, which is also not the same as Facebook. Looks like they’re very active and communicative throughout social media — nice! We’d like to see more BTS (behind-the-scenes) and video action though!



Solid photos, lots of hashtags and mentions is a great way to increase brand awareness on social media. We see lots of promoting, but no centralized marketing plan or campaign. They could very well be running ads on social media channels of course, but there’s no obvious campaign with which (potential) customers to take advantage.

Summary & Recommendations

Overall: 3.4/5.0

Everything is looking on track for the most part. We’d recommend more professional photography with staff highlights and gorgeous product shots. We’d also strongly recommend professional video mixed into the creative content. In 2020, video content gets more attention and engagement than any other type of media. We’d also like to see some active marketing campaigns. There are a myriad of catchy hashtags out there to pull in some additional user engagement! : )

Thanks for taking the time to read our Daily Business Breakdown. We hope it helped shed some light on the content and marketing efforts within your business!